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Therapeutic massage

The therapeutic massage relaxes the musculature and restores mobility to the joints. It also has an anti-inflammatory and calming action on the nerves.

This massage combines gestures of relaxation, to relax the psychic and deeper therapeutic gestures, to relax muscle tension.

Therapeutic massage eliminates pain and stress, bringing the patient a better physical and psychological state. It is a real remedy for everyday ailments.

The main action of therapeutic massage is to regulate the state of tension of the skin, muscles and invigorate the blood circulation.

Therapeutic massage is very effective. It releases muscle tension, restores energy, improves blood circulation.

it also proves beneficial against:

 migraines, all types of pain, insomnia, digestive and nervous disorders.

This massage is performed with pure massage oil or with specific essential oils.

It lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Metamorphic massage

Metamorphosis is an alternative approach to holistic healing. This technique was pioneered and developed in the 1960s by Robert St. John, an English naturopath and reflexologist, and takes each person as a global being and is not a symptomatic approach.

Robert St. John was able to determine that a person’s feet, hands and head contained the key reflex-response zones that relate to the spine, and that direct treatment to these zones positively affects a person’s physical and mental development.

Through his thorough knowledge of prenatal care, Robert St John developed the "metamorphic" technique, whose methods directly address the nine months in the womb. Applying the appropriate technique to the reflex-response zones has a notably positive effect on a woman’s entire prenatal phase.

This method has no known adverse side effects and is suitable for all ages. It can induce a person’s total change and start a transition from one state of being into a newer and improved one. The method awakens the powerful interaction of our mind and body, and unlocks the tremendous healing power contained in all of us.
The treatment is administered via light touch on given bone areas of the feet (je ne sais pas ce que c’est “l’arcade osseuse”), hands and head, triggering a process of healing and renewal, without any need to affect the patients control or will.

It awakens the Life Force that is in each of us, and launches the process of energy rebalancing on different levels. Your Life Force is activated, much in the same way our bodies heal a physical wound.
The therapist acts as the catalyst that reconnects you with your living potential to heal and connect you to your true inner identity, without any prior preparation or conditioning.
Your emotional side will be rebalanced, and the mind’s limiting control is diminished so as to exist in the present moment. A state of self-healing is triggered, bringing you broad vision, global perspective and detachment from prior limiting thoughts.
The patient will experience a renewal and increased awareness of the Life Force inside, and become in tune with it, while breaking with the past lived up to now.

The transformation forms part of a conscious creative change, allowing one to transcend and feel the fullness of life.

The number of sessions required may vary according to each person, but a usual treatment contains ideally between 3 and 7 sessions.